Put Human-In-The-Loop of Your Computer Vision Projects

Streamline Your Data Annotation Project and Achieve the Highest Quality While Increasing Scalability.

Manage your computer vision data annotation with Picsellia: intuitive project management, easy integration of external teams, and insightful analytics for efficient workflow and quality enhancement.

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Your Image and Video Labeling OS

Efficient task and issue management to obtain 100% quality
Benefit from integrated issue tracking and task delegation to ensure that every phase of your annotation project runs smoothly. Our platform simplifies the oversight of complex tasks, boosting your team's efficiency and project success rate.

Multi-Step Annotation Is Now Easy To Set Up

Structure your annotation projects with a strict and clear step-by-step process.
Ensures thoroughness and accuracy at each stage by creating a custom annotation workflow, such as starting with one annotation class, proceeding to a review phase, then moving on to a second annotation class, and concluding with a final review.

Monitor Performances in Real Time To Maximize Results.

Get actionable insights at your fingertips - ready to be leveraged.
Ensure the highest quality of annotations with detailed time tracking and logging. This meticulous approach provides a safety net, allowing for undoing and refining actions, thereby guaranteeing precision and reliability in your annotated data.

Instant External Annotation Workforce Integration

Onboard extra people in no time with clear guidelines to ensure success.
Our platform bridges the gap between your core team and external experts, fostering a collaborative environment for top-notch annotation quality. Scaling your annotation capabilities quickly while meeting deadlines and quality standards shouldn't be a struggle.

Start managing your data the right way.

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