The integrated Labeling solution for your Computer vision Enterprise needs

Turn your Data into annotated datasets with precision and speed

Designed for AI professionals, our tool streamlines the annotation process with advanced features like model-assisted labeling, team-based collaboration, and support for diverse data types including videos and multispectral images.

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Tailor your annotation tool
as you need it

Leverage versatile annotation options.
Whether you're dealing with bounding boxes, intricate polygons, pinpoint keypoints, or classification, our tool adapts to a variety of shapes and formats. It's designed to cater to a wide spectrum of data types, ensuring that no matter the complexity of your project, you have the precise tools you need for comprehensive annotations.

10x your labeling process with LLM-accelerations

Leverage efficient model-assisted labeling and annotation templates.
This cutting-edge capability allows you to pre-label your data using advanced AI models like SAM or DINOv2, reducing the time spent on manual annotations. Human annotators can then focus on refining and validating these pre-labels, ensuring a perfect blend of speed and accuracy.

Annotate as a team

Annotation is a team sport, we provide the field to support you.
Whether you're coordinating with a small group or scaling up to handle large projects, our tool ensures everyone stays on the same page. Features like real-time updates, project tracking, and role-based access control foster a collaborative environment that is essential for high-quality, scalable data labeling.

Streamline complex
Data annotation situations

Make use of our robust multi-model data compatibility.
Whether you're working with high-resolution satellite imagery, detailed medical scans, or intricate multispectral datasets, our tool ensures a seamless annotation experience. By providing robust support for diverse image formats, Picsellia empowers you to tackle any annotation challenge with confidence.

Start managing your data the right way.

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