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Picsellia is an MLOps platform for computer vision that centralizes your projects in one single place and eases your data science journey.

Our CVOps platform provides all the tools you need for your computer vision project. You can either use them independently, or complete the feedback loop with our automated pipelines.
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What is CVOps?

CVOps is the fusion between all MLOps steps and processes exclusively applied to computer vision to optimize project development and deployment.

Our goal is to provide CVOps tools to assist data scientists to bring reliable computer vision models into production.

Why us?

Promotes Collaboration

Let your teams collaborate in every stage of the computer vision pipeline to keep everyone informed and make sure they're aligned with your business goals.

Reduces Failure Rate

Deep learning can get quite messy, really fast. In fact, 85% of ML projects fail. Using an all-in-one MLOps platform will facilitate your computer vision projects' success.

Scales With Your Business

Picsellia has no limitation, it scales with your organization. Easily upgrade your plan to one that fits your business' needs while your company is growing.
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We believe that

Deep Learning success is all about processes.

A consistent AI data management policy will prevent you from data leakage. Save your team valuable time and drive model performance.

Reproducibility and traceability of your AI experiments are key for onboarding new collaborators and capitalizing on last projects.  

Deep Learning development is iterative. Orchestrate and manage continuous learning pipelines for achieving the best performance. Deploy, monitor, and put your models on auto-pilot.

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Jean-Charles Risch
Head of AI @Fortil
If you are a company wishing to organize its AI workload and facilitate collaboration in a simple and modular way, an end-to-end solution ranging from data storage to model deployment like Picsellia is just right!
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