One platform for all your Vision AI operations

One single place for all your teams and projects. Build, Deploy, and Improve production-grade Computer Vision products.

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Introduction to MLOps for Computer Vision

Upgrade your computer vision models to computer vision pipelines

With Picsellia, AI teams can Organize, Operate & ensure Observability of their CV pipelines.

A Centralized Workspace


Take advantage of a dedicated platform instead of scattered tools. Empower computer vision teams to organize data chaos & supercharge collaboration.

  • Organized and accessible data
  • A unified platform
  • Improved collaboration

Increase AI team time spent on hight-value tasks by +33% to unleash collective intelligence.

Your AI production chain


Rely on the right development backbone. Increase research velocity. Build, deploy, and improve high-performing CV models at scale.

  • Create great models in no time
  • Scalable deployment
  • Improve continuously (CT/CD)

Build & Deploy CV models 3X faster, with scalable infrastructure and automation.

The 360° view of your CV pipeline


Leverage the only monitoring tool designed specifically for computer vision. Keep track of all CV experiments performed. Gain real-time visibility into the health of your pipelines.

  • Be alerted when something is wrong
  • Bring full observability to deployed models and the live data that feeds them

Improve model performance with full ML observability.

A Complete MLOps Stack

7 challenges. 1 Platform.
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Jean-Charles Risch
Head of AI @Fortil
If you are a company wishing to organize its AI workload and facilitate collaboration in a simple and modular way, an end-to-end solution ranging from data storage to model deployment like Picsellia is just right!

Start managing your data the right way.

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