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Picsellia can run both on our managed cloud version and on your premises.

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Full-access to the platform

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Data management

Structure Data Chaos
  • Datalake
  • Integrated labelling tool
  • Dataset Registry
  • Smart Dataset versioning
  • Data query language

Model Operations

Operate CV Models at Scale
  • Public model registry
  • Manage Remote Training
  • Experiment Tracking
  • Model Evaluation Interface

Model Deployment & Observability

Improve models over time
  • Scalable deployment
  • Live data ingestion pipeline
  • CV Model Monitoring
  • Prediction review tool
  • Continuous Training (CT)
  • Continuous deployment (CD)

Your Data Easily Accessible & Organized


  • Computer Vision Datalake
  • Datalake Tagging system
  • Data Query language
  • Visual Search

Dataset Management

  • Dataset registry
  • Dataset Versioning System
  • Integrated Labelling tool
  • Data processing (including Data Augmentation and Pre-Annotation)
  • Analytics

Streamline your AI production chain

AI Laboratory

  • Project Workspace
  • Managed Remote Training
  • Experiment Tracking
  • Model Evaluation Interface

Model Management

  • Public model registry
  • Private Model Registry
  • Model Versioning

The 360° view of your CV pipeline

Serverless Model Deployment

  • One-click deployment
  • Infinite scaling on Data Pipelines
  • Deployment registry
  • Deployment Management
  • Shadow model
  • Python SDK to interact with your models

CV Model Monitoring

  • CV Model Monitoring
  • Predictions view & review

Improve continuously CT/CD:

  • Live data ingestion pipeline
  • Continuous Training (CT)
  • Continuous deployment (CD)
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DPU = Data Processed Unit

Amount of data processed in Giga-bytes.

1 DPU = 1 GB

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MPU = Model Processed Unit

Amount of running time of your models (for pre-annotation, training, predictions, etc.).

1 MPU = 1h of modes running

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What is Picsellia’s business model?

Our business model is based on annual licenses. The license price depends on the service level and the usage of the platform. Platform usage is measured in DPU and MPU.

What is a DPU?

DPU stands for Data Processed Unit. It is Picsellia’s unit of measurement for the amount of data processed on Picsellia (indexing, embedding creation, monitoring of outliers and drift).

1 DPU = 1 GB Data Processed.

What is a MPU?

MPU stands for Model Processed Unit. It measures the amount of running time of your models (for pre-annotation, training, predictions, etc.).

1 MPU = 1h of models running.

Can I try Picsellia before I make my decision?

Of course! We value the satisfaction of our customers and we want to make sure Picsellia becomes an added value to your company. You can claim your trial at any time.

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