AI Model Monitoring Platform

With Picsellia's monitoring tools, observe your computer vision model's performance in real time. Easily identify and fix potential failure cases. Make sure that everything is running smoothly, at all times.

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Dissect your AI models
in real time.

Picsellia offers a stack of live AI monitoring solutions designed to help optimize computer vision models in real time. Get notified when something goes wrong, check your models' performance and identify the root of the problems, at any time!
App graphs illustration showing two AI models being compared
Dashboard illustration showing data drift

Identify edge cases
in your model before your clients experience them.

Optimize your AI model training for edge cases. With our Deep Learning monitoring stack, identify exceptions in no time and add them to your training set.
Dashboard illustration showing data drift

Detect the warning signs
of model degradation, easily.

Doing deep learning without monitoring is like driving a car without checking the fuel gauge.
Benefit from a complete AI data-drift detection toolbox in seconds.

Capture real-time relevant data to increase your training set size.

Computing the outlier score of a new input image in real time allows you to smartly add new data to your computer vision training set. This way, you can be assured to converge to a 100% quality dataset.

Start managing your data the right way.

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