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No more data duplicate, no more lost datasets, no more messy annotations.
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Picsellia dataset management designed for your machine learning projects

Take control over your data.

Version, merge, filter all your data to build better Datasets and improve your model performances.

Dataset Management

Manipulate your data like never before. Annotate, edit labels, merge annotations, leverage model-assisted annotation, and version your datasets so you're always confident in what you're working with.
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Picsellia data management tool

AI assisted
annotation tool

Leverage our tools and automations in order to annotate Datasets the fastest way possible.
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Picsellia annotation and ai assisted tool
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AI assisted
Labeling tools

Leverage interactive segmentation tool in order to enhance speed and accuracy of your annotations.
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Pre-annotation with your AI models

Fully automate your annotations and keep only the confident ones in order to enlarge your training set.
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Add context annotation

Simply add some questions & answers to create context annotation for your training sets.

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