Data Management Platform for AI

Picsellia's AI-powered platform helps you centralize and understand your unstructured data like images and videos. We offer you the right tools to visualize, explore, version and create high quality datasets for the long-run.

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datalake dashboard and integrations to clouds like Microsoft Azure and AWS

Dealing with inconsistent datasets?

When it comes to developing AI, it’s not unusual for distributed organizations to deal with messy data. With Picsellia, store and clean all your computer vision datasets in one single place.
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Bad quality training data means inaccurate AI models.

Most companies don’t have the time or processes to create proper training sets. Our simple Data Query Language lets you quickly find the right images and build the highest quality training data for computer vision.
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Computer Vision data platform made for collaboration.

Our centralized annotation interface promotes collaboration around your computer vision projects. Let your teams annotate simultaneously on the same datasets. Interact through comments, notifications, Q&As, labeling reviews, and more!
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Integrated image labeling tools

Our AI-powered annotation tools let you create any type of dataset or edit your existing ground truth.

Create your own labels
Add as many annotation classes as you want.

Image classification

Identify objects in an image

Object detection

Locate objects in an image with bounding boxes

Image segmentation

Locate objects in an image with polygons

Points for landmark detection

Locate objects in an image with geometrical shapes

Add context to your annotations

Add questions on your labeled images or shapes, so your teams can answer to add context to your annotations or child annotations.

Version control your datasets

Avoid losing relevant data during the prototyping process. Our natively integrated versioning lets you safely perform data experiments.

AI-assisted labeling tools

Our interactive AI segmentation tools will enhance the speed and accuracy of your annotations. Use our pre-annotation feature to automate your labels, and optimize your training set.

Start managing your data the right way.

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