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Integrated Labeling tools

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Bounding Boxes for object-detection
Polygons for instance segmentation
Point for landmarks detection
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Leverage our annotation tool to create any types of datasets or edit your existing ground truth.

Dataset Management

Manipulate your datasets easily , leverage our simple data language and filter capabilities to:
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Experiment with multiple versions of your dataset by merging, deleting, or adding classes
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Get instant insights on your training sets
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Search into your Dataset quickly
Picsellia data management tool

Data Management

Store your assets in one single place, leverage our simple data language to quickly find the right images, and build great datasets.

Annotate and edit your annotations directly on the platform. Perform any needed operations on your images or annotation to tweak or rebuild your image datasets.

Integrate any data source to your lake and keep track of any change of your data.

Leverage off-the-shelf analytics of your datasets to identify edge cases or missing situations.

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AI assisted
labeling tools

Leverage our interactive segmentation tools to enhance speed and accuracy in your annotations.
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Pre-annotation with your AI models

Fully automate your annotations, and keep only the most accurate ones to optimize your training set.
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Add context annotation

Add valuable information that gives context to your training sets, by easily creating specific questions and answers.

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Picsellia data management tool