Datalake Solution for Computer Vision Data

Structure, Organize, and Leverage your Visual Assets with Picsellia Datalake

Picsellia Datalake is super-charging data management for AI-driven enterprises.Take control over your visual data. Aggregate data source like AWS, GCP, Azure, and on-premise storage.

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Seamless data aggregation for AI-driven enterprise

Integrate across cloud and on-premise Platforms.
Connect any data source (​​AWS, GCP, Azure, on-premise, and MinIO) through Picsellia connectors and manage properly all your visual assets from one single place. Handle any data format, from generic image or video formats to the most exotic ones through data projection.

Compatible with any visual data format

Every company has specific data format needs, so we got you covered.
Engineered to support any visual data format seamlessly. Standard image formats, complex video files, or unique proprietary formats, our system is equipped to handle them all with ease at a constant speed. This commitment to universal compatibility eliminates the concern of unsupported data formats, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Put context into your visual data to organize them

One unified Data Model to support all your metadata, and georeferencing.
Our centralized annotation interface promotes collaboration around your computer vision projects. Let your teams annotate simultaneously on the same datasets. Interact through comments, notifications, Q&As, labeling reviews, and more!

Explore your data with SQL-like capabilities.

Build pixel-perfect datasets in no time with our fast query capabilities.
Run intricate searches and create complex filters using our SQL-like custom data query language. Generate custom datasets quickly for specific project needs without needing advanced coding skills.

Ensure data governance and security

Integrate across cloud and on-premise Platforms.
With advanced data governance features, maintain control over user permissions, set data retention policies, and keep comprehensive audit trails. Ensure your visual assets are not only secure but also compliant with industry-specific regulations like GDPR or AI Act.

Start managing your data the right way.

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