Computer Vision Models Into Production

Picsellia Deployment Solution lets put your computer vision models into production immediately. Benefit from our robust infrastructure and native monitoring.

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Easy and fast deployment
24/7 uptime.

No need for a compute infrastructure or fast connectivity. Picsellia's infrastructure is robust and redundant—we handle the hard stuff so you can focus on what matters to your business: developing your AI models.

Deploy your computer vision models, in a serverless way.

Deploy your computer vision models without any server, and enjoy a scalable inference engine.

Pay-as-you-use your models.

Get a robust infrastructure and fast inference engine without the heavy burden of managing servers or long waiting hours for training. And the best thing is, you only pay as you use your models—so there's no need to worry about any upfront investment!

Get started with production-ready computer vision.

Forget about maintaining servers or managing an infrastructure. Our AI advanced deployment platform scales with your needs and usage.

Start managing your data the right way.

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