Log, Store and Compare Your ML Experiment Runs.

Best-in-class ML experiment tracking tools centralized in a platform to better organize your AI projects. Analyze and share your results with your team. Assure reproducibility and traceability.
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Send all the metrics you want to log and analyze your trainings. Picsellia saves all your previous work so you don't have to worry about missing any data.
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Compare Your Experiments

Compare your experiment results, everything from accuracy to CPU usage, so you always know what has the most influence on your final models.
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Share Your Work & Collaborate

Promote collaboration across your teams. Participate in model creation seamlessly with comments, mentions and notifications.

Centralize all your
training artifacts

Leverage our collaborative dashboard created with few lines of code to work as a team and enhance reproducibility.
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Store all your metadata to retrain later.
Create an interactive dashboard in one-line of code
Share it with your team to iterate faster
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Organize all your trainings
in just one place

Compare experiments and models' performances easily.
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Search into your trainings quickly
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Easily extract the top performers
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Re-use old experiments to perform transfer learning in few clicks.
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Quickly Launch Training From Anywhere

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Python Package

If you want to perform custom ML experiments, install our Python package to link your scripts with Picsellia seamlessly.
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Docker Image

Simply pull our Docker image from Docker Hub to remotely launch trainings on any server.
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Jupyter Notebooks

Or just run some notebooks on Google Colab or on your own machine.

Hyperparameter optimization made easy

Once you identified your best architecture, leverage our hyperparameter tuning solution to get this extra % of performances!
Configure your scans with a simple dictionnary
Instantiate your search and run it in the cloud
Extract the very best performer
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Train your models and track experiments

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