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Picsellia has everything you need to build predictive computer vision models faster. Manage all your datasets, version and track your experiments, and deploy your models in one single MLOps platform.
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MLOps for Computer Vision.
Deliver Only High-Quality Models.

Data Management

Store your assets in one single place, leverage our simple data language to quickly find the right images, and build highest quality datasets.

Annotate, edit and version your annotations directly on the platform. Perform any needed operations on your images or annotations to tweak or rebuild your image datasets.

Integrate any data source to your lake and keep track of any data change.

Leverage off-the-shelf analytics of your datasets to identify edge cases or missing situations.
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Experiment Tracking

Experiment Tracking

Integrate Picsellia SDK in your code to leverage our easy-to-use metrics and artifacts logger. Save relevant data generated during your training to ensure reproducibility and keep track of everything.

Quickly find past experiments with our simple query language to iterate your previous work. Perform new training, by transfering learning from pre-trained or your own models.

Compare as many experiments as you want, find the top performer and iterate it. Perform evaluations and browse into your validation set interactively, test your models on the platform and easily identify failure cases.

Train and store your models in one place so everyone can collaborate through comments, mentions and notifications.
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Experiment Tracking
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Questions? Answers.

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Do I have to change my ML framework?

Picsellia is framework agnostic, you can use it with all Machine Learning frameworks.
Want us to natively integrate experiment logging in your framework? Let us know, we'll be happy to do it for you.

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Is Picsellia only for Computer Vision?

For now, only the data management phase is dedicated to computer vision, but you can use experiment tracking and hyperparameter tuning with any use-case. Be ready for other types of data supported in our datalake soon!

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Does Picsellia integrate with other paid tools?

Not yet, but you'll soon be able to integrate it with other labeling or deployment solutions.

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Can I access Open Data from Picsellia?

Yes, you can access several open datasets from Picsellia.
If you don't find the right data for your project, feel free to suggest us new datasets to add!

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Can I use my own labeling tool?

Absolutely! You will only have to import your annotations in order to manage your datasets on Picsellia.

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Can I connect my own Object Storage?

This feature is only available on the enterprise plan. Picsellia is compatible with all S3-like object storages solutions out there.