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How Altaroad Saved 50% Time Operating Models in Production With Picsellia

Discover how Altaroad, a leader in waste and material monitoring and management, leveraged Picsellia's end-to-end Computer Vision platform to streamline operations, saving 50% of time spent on model operation. Learn how Altaroad secured major contracts and positioned itself as an innovative market leader in waste management solutions.


Increase model development speed

Saved 50% time operating models in production

How Altaroad Saved 50% Time Operating Models in Production With Picsellia


Altaroad, a leader in waste and material monitoring and management solutions, uses Computer Vision (CV) to track and monitor waste on construction and industrial sites. By leveraging Picsellia as their end-to-end CV platform Altaroad saved 50% of time spent operating models in production, experienced a significant increase in model development speed, and now manages over 150K data points seamlessly. With CV at the heart of their product, Altaroad has reinforced its position as an innovative market leader and secured major contracts.

About Altaroad

Altaroad is at the forefront of providing waste and material monitoring and management solutions with automated traceability processes for construction and industrial sites. By providing real-time monitoring of material and waste flows transported by heavy goods vehicles, Altaroad increases efficiency and streamlines operations for their customers. With features like intelligent weighing systems, camera tracking, and automatic alerts for over- or underloading, Altaroad reduces transport costs, improves safety, and minimizes environmental impact by tracing carbon emissions. 

Altaroad's CV Journey:

Imagine a construction site where materials are constantly moving—trucks come and go, carrying loads of various types and quantities. Traditionally you would have to keep track of these movements manually, a tedious process that can easily lead to mistakes. That’s why Altaroad developed innovative solutions to automate and optimize waste and material monitoring processes.

Altaroad saw the transformative potential of Computer Vision early on and decided to start implementing it for their clients. The decision was a game-changer. Altaroad developed multiple CV models for different scenarios, such as vehicle and material recognition. Led by Younes, an experienced CV expert, Altaroad developed and deployed multiple classification, object detection, and segmentation models, while continuously improving their algorithms to meet the needs of waste management in industrial and construction sites. With Picsellia they streamlined all of their CV operations, enabling them to build, deploy, and manage models efficiently, and enhance their solutions and competitiveness.

Picsellia allows us to monitor all our models in production in an efficient and structured way, while constantly improving their performances to deliver the most reliable and efficient models to our clients.

Business Impact of Computer Vision with Picsellia:

The integration of CV has not only driven Altaroad's technical capabilities, it has also had a strong business impact. With Picsellia's end-to-end capabilities, Altaroad achieved a 4x increase in efficiency in building and operating efficient CV models, translating into significant time and cost savings. They onboarded new collaborators quickly and seamlessly, ensuring continuity and scalability in their operations, and they also streamlined their workflows and accelerated development cycles, leading to a significant increase in model development speed.

The efficiency of building and deploying CV models in Picsellia enabled Altaroad to launch new products and diversify their offerings, increase revenue, secure more big contracts, respond to client demands quickly, and position themselves as innovative market leaders.

Build vs. Buy Decision:

When it came to deciding whether to build their system or partner up, Altaroad ran a deep analysis of their options. They considered building something in-house, but they had a time constraint for a large potential contract. With the complexity of adapting existing software to CV models, they opted for a faster and more reliable solution: Picsellia.

Picsellia not only made their MLOps process way smoother, cutting down time spent by data scientists to maintain models in production from 50% to just 10%, but it also ensured their projects could run smoothly and efficiently.

Moving Forward:

Altaroad's journey with CV technology is far from over. They have several projects underway to develop new CV models to detect various events and enhance truck and material recognition capabilities. Picsellia provides Altaroad a collaborative workspace for both business and technical teams, enabling seamless project management, and facilitating quick delivery of CV solutions to meet customer needs.

Altaroad continues to expand its offerings and solidify its position as a leader in waste management solutions, and the integration of CV solutions remains a cornerstone of its business strategy, driving value for clients and fuelling business growth.

How Altaroad Saved 50% Time Operating Models in Production With Picsellia
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